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I don't see separate show dates for Varsity and JV shows. Why not?
We will now be holding our Varsity and JV shows one the same day. We feel that having all riders compete on the same day will make it easier for coaches and parents, and that having the whole team at the same show will be more fun for the riders. We love team spirit, and now the whole team can be there to cheer each other on! Read below for more info, click here to see the show calendar, and click here for the Prize List.

Varsity and JV shows are now held on the same day? How will this work? Are the shows being combined? Will this affect the numbers of riders that can compete in each show, the point system, ect.?
The Varsity and JV shows are still two separate horse shows, they will now just be held on the same day. Everything will be the same as it had been, but now the shows will be held back-to-back on the same day. The Varsity show will be held first and will start at 9:00 am. The JV show will begin immediately following the Varsity show.  Click here to see the show calendar, and click here for the Prize List.

I'm a Varsity rider. I used to ride in the Middle School/ Freshman/ Sophomore Advanced division, but I don't see that on the Prize List. Why not?
We have simplified the Varsity divisions by eliminating the age/ grade level categories. That means that all Varsity Advanced riders will compete in the Varsity Advanced division, and all Varsity Intermediate riders will compete in the Varsity Intermediate division-- regardless of the riders age/ grade level. Why? Because age is just a number-- it's your riding ability that's important! Click here for the Prize List and to watch videos of the classes.

My school does not have an Equestrian Team yet, but I'm interested in starting one. Where should I start?
We always welcome new schools to join our series, and we're happy to help you get a team started. The first step is to talk to your school's Athletic Director, and you can find more information about starting a team by clicking here.

My school has an Equestrian Team, but we compete in a different show series.  Can I still compete in ISHS shows? 
Starting in the 2015-2016 season, we now invite riders whose school teams compete in a different show series to participate in the ISHS as Independent Riders. Click here for more information.

My school will not allow us to have an Equestrian Team. Can I still compete in the ISHS? 
We now invite riders whose school do not allow Equestrian Teams to compete in the ISHS as Independent Riders. Click here for more information.

Do I need to bring a horse in order to compete?
Nope! You can bring or own horse or you can lease a horse from the host barn to use in the show. Click here for more information.

I don't know what division to sign up for. Can I watch an example of the Over Fences classes?
Yes! Watch an example of a Future Intermediate Over Fences course by clicking here, and watch an example of a Novice Over Fences course by clicking here. To find out what it's like to ride in the Maiden Over Fences class, click here. Check out our Prize List (by clicking here) to see class descriptions and more videos.

How will I know if a show is cancelled due to weather? 
Show announcements and information such as cancellations due to weather will be posted on our Facebook page. Snow dates for our winter shows are listed on our horse show calendar (click here to view). 

Where should I send my entry form and fees? 
Mail entry fees and forms to: Devereaux Raskauskas, ISHS, 14709 Spring Meadows Dr., Darnestown, MD 20874. Click here to download the entry forms. 

Who should I make the check out to? 
Checks should be made out to: DBR PROMOTIONS 

How old do I have to be to compete?
We welcome riders in 5th-12th grades.

What should I wear?
Riders must wear formal Hunter attire while competing. Click here for more details.

How does the point system work?
Click here for info about the point system.

Where are the show results announced?
Classes are pinned during the show, and Division Champion and Reserve Champion are announced at the show following the completion of the Division. Show results will be posted on our  Facebook page after the show. Click here to see the current standings. 

When and where are the shows held?
We hold shows at Oatland Stables and NFF Stables. Click here for show locations and click here to see the show calendar.  

I have a question...
We're happy to help! Click here to contact us.