On this page, you will find the Inter-School Horse Show series' (ISHS') show rules, and information about the point system, show attire, and show entry. Contact us if you have any questions, and join our Facebook group to stay up-to-date on show announcements, such as cancellations to due weather.

ISHS' shows run in accordance to NEF (formally AHSA) rules, except where indicated, and are organized similarly to traditional Hunter Equitation shows, with a few exceptions to allow for riders to compete as a team. Riders will be judged on seat, hands, and control of mount. 

The Varsity and JV horse shows will now be held on the same day. They are still considered two separate shows, but they will now be held back-to-back on one day. Varsity shows begin promptly at 9:00 AM. JV shows will begin immediately following the Varsity shows. Please arrive at least 30 minutes before your class to check-in, and allow approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour for each division.

1-8 riders per team can compete in each show

1-8 riders per team can compete in each show


Schools can compete as a team, with 1-8 riders per team in each show. Riders must attend the school which he or she is representing at the horse show, and riders whose schools do not have Equestrian Teams can compete as Independent Riders (see below). 

Beginning in our 2015-2016 season, the ISHS will allow riders whose schools do not have Equestrian Teams to compete in our shows as Independent Riders. Click here for more info about Independent Riders.

Each team must have a coach on-site for each show

Each team must have a coach on-site for each show


School Teams and Independent Riders must have a coach on-site for each show in which they are competing. If they do not have a coach, one will be provided for them for the show day for a fee. See our Pricing page for more information. Coaches must be adults who are familiar with horses and horse showing and who can assist riders during the show day. Coaches should check in with the Show Secretary upon arrival to the show grounds. If you will be needing a coach, please indicate such on your entry form. 


Riders are allowed to compete on their own horse or they can lease a horse from the host barn to ride that day in the show.  Tack will be provided for leased horses.  Please speak to a representative from the host barn if you would like to use your own tack on a leased horse.  Saddle pads can be changed if you would like to use a saddle pad with your school's logo. Riders cannot wear spurs while riding leased horses. Leased horses are used throughout the day by multiple riders, so we ask that you do not "practice" or "warm up" on leased horses prior to your class. 

Riders must wear NEF approved hard hats while mounted

Riders must wear NEF approved hard hats while mounted


Formal Hunter show attire is required and all riders must wear NEF approved hard hats while mounted. Click here for more info on show attire. 


The ISHS shows are Equitation Hunter shows, meaning that riders are judged only on their performance and appearance-- not on the horses. The decision of the judge is final and we offer Judge's Clinics where riders can receive feedback on their performance directly from the judge. Click here for more info on our Judge's Clinic, and click here to see more details on how each division is judged.


Based on his or her experience level, a rider can enter either the JV Show or Varsity Show, and each rider can compete in one division per show. Advanced Varsity riders have the option to enter The Surrey Equitation Metal Class in addition to their division (see below). 

Divisions are made up of three classes: two Under Saddle (flat) classes and one Over Fences class. All riders will compete in the two Under Saddle classes, and riders who qualify will compete in the Over Fences class. To qualify, riders must receive one or more ribbons in their Under Saddle class. 

If a rider does not feel comfortable jumping at the height associated with his or her division, we ask that the rider compete at a lower level until they are ready to move up. Riders may compete in the Novice division for a maximum of 2 years. 

Click here to see the complete Prize List, jump heights, and to watch videos of the classes

The Surrey Equitation Medal Class features tougher courses for more advanced riders

The Surrey Equitation Medal Class features tougher courses for more advanced riders


In addition to their division, Advanced Varsity riders have the option to compete in The Surrey Equitation Metal Class. This Over Fences class features a more challenging course and may include advanced elements such as: roll backs, broken lines, combinations, in and outs, narrow jumps, fences on the short side of the ring, and a long approach to a single jump. Riders may be required to trot into a fence, halt mid-course, or ride without stirrups. All riders will compete together regardless of age.

The top 11 riders will be pinned, but only the top 6 riders will receive points. Points earned in The Surrey Equitation Metal Class will be accumulated separately from the general Team/ Independent standings and are used to qualify for the ISHS Invitational Show. 

There is an additional fee to compete in this class. However, riders who leased horses for their division are not required to pay an additional leasing fee in order to compete in The Metal class. See our Pricing page for more information. 


Note the information in this section does not pertain to The Surrey Equitation Class. 

Classes are pinned individually and ribbons are awarded to the top six riders in each class. Each ribbon placing has an assigned point value, which are used to pin a Champion and Reserve Champion for each division.  If, due to the number of riders, divisions are split into Group A, Group B, ect., each class in the respective Group will be awarded First through Sixth place ribbons, but the Champion and Reserve Champion ribbons will be awarded to the two riders with the highest points from the combined Groups. No additional points are awarded for Champion and Reserve Champion ribbons.

Classes are pinned individually and points are 

Classes are pinned individually and points are 


1-8 riders per team are allowed to compete for points at each  show. The points accumulated by the team's top 3 riders (4 if there is a tie) will be combined for a cumulative team score. Each Independent rider is considered to be his or her own "team," so the points the rider accumulates will be his or her "team score." 

The two teams with the highest scores for that show day will be awarded Show Champion and Show Reserve Champion. The Show Champion and Show Reserve Champion winners will be announced after each show, and ribbons will be given to their team contact person. These announcements will be made on the ISHS Facebook page.

The point value for each ribbon placing is as follows:
1st Place: 7 points
2nd Place: 5 points
3rd Place: 4 points
4th Place: 3 points
5th Place: 2 points
6th Place: 1 point

Click here to see the Show Standings. 

Riders, coaches, and spectators are expected to practice good sportsmanship!

Riders, coaches, and spectators are expected to practice good sportsmanship!


Rider's individual points are accumulated throughout the show season. At the end of the year, the top scoring riders from each division will be invited to compete in the ISHS Varsity Invitational Horse Show or the ISHS JV Invitational Horse Show to compete for the Division Champion and Division Reserve Champion titles.  

Riders who are awarded Division Champion and Division Reserve Champion are required to move up to the next division level in the next show season. However, riders who win in the Advanced divisions are still allowed to compete as Advanced riders.


Team points are cumulated throughout the season and we award the top 12 scoring Teams/ Independent Riders with Year End Awards. This ranking is based on the points earned by each team's top three riders at each show. 


Each rider must submit one Lesson Verification Form in September and one in January of the current series. Send one in with your September entry form, and one with your January entry form. Rider's instructor should fill in the top portion of the form, and rider's parent or guardian should sign the waiver at the bottom. Click here to view and print Lesson Verification Forms.


  • Submit one (1) entry per team per show. 
  • Varsity and JV shows are now held on the same day; however, we still need one entry form for Varsity teams and a separate entry form for JV teams. 
  • Entry forms and fees are due by the Sunday evening two weeks prior to the show date.
  • Make checks out to: DBR PROMOTIONS
  • Mail entry forms and fees to:

                       Devereaux Raskauskas
                     14709 Spring Meadows Dr.
                        Darnestown, MD 20874

Please leave your pups at home!

Please leave your pups at home!

  • Entry forms and fees sent to or left at the hose barn will not be processed.
  • Late entries will be subject to a fee of $20. Any entry that is received after the deadline (the Sunday evening two weeks prior to show date) will be considered late.
  • Bounced checks will be subject to a fee of $25.
  • Entry fees and horse leasing fees are to be paid in advance and are non-refundable even if rider scratches from a class or the show.
  • Accurate height and weight must be provided for rider's who will be leasing horses for the show. If accurate  information is not provided, the host barn reserves the right to change or revoke horse assignment. 
  • Click here for more information on show fees.
  • Click here to view and print entry forms.


  • No dogs allowed on show grounds.    
  • Proof of recent (within 12 months) negative Coggins Test must be presented to the Show Secretary. 
  • All show participants must have a waiver form signed by parent or guardian. 
  • Host barn will not be held responsible or liable for any damages occurring to horses, persons, or property while on the grounds. Exhibitors enter the show grounds at their own risk. 
  • Show Secretary has final authority on all rulings.

Updated 8/27/16