All rider's must wear formal Hunter show attire when competing in the Inter-School Horse Show series' (ISHS) horse shows. 

All riders must wear:

  • NEC approved hard hat
  • Black riding gloves
  • Brown or black belt
  • Hunter show jacket (Navy blue or black are preferred. The judge may excuse jackets in extreme weather conditions.) 
  • Hair must be neat and appropriate for the hunter ring.  Hair nets are recommended for girls, but younger riders may choose to braid their hair.
  • Shirts:
    Girls must wear ratcatcher shirts with chocker collars and pins.
    Boys must wear button-down dress shirts with neck ties.
  • Pants: 
    Young Riders may wear jodhpurs with garters.
    Older Riders must wear traditional colored breeches.
  • Boots: 
    Young Riders may wear short Paddock Boots.
    Older Riders must wear Tall Boots.